Testing and inspecting shall include the following, but not be limited to the following, particularly when OSHA and ANSI/SIA A92.2 or ANSI/ASSE A10.31 most current versions call for more or different inspection testing.

Visual Inspection: A complete inspection of accessible areas including:

  1. Outriggers; Pads, structure, welds, bolts, hoses, cylinders, valves, pins and retainers
  2. Chassis; Truck frame, aerial sub-frame, suspension, PTO, pintle hook, and components of the brake, steering, electrical, air, hydraulic, exhaust, and cooling systems.
  3. Pedestal; Mounting bolts and welds, pedestal structure, diagonal brace, attachment welds or pins, hydraulic swivel joint, hydraulic components, swing drive gearbox mounting bolts, backlash between swing pinion or bullgear, electric collector ring and brushes and lower control operation.
  4. Rotation Bearing; Upper and lower bearing attachment weld and bolts, vertical movement of bearing, and proper torque on accessible bearing bolts.
  5. Turntable; Turntable structure, bucket leveling cables, leveling cylinders, compensating chains or sprockets, and hydraulic system components.
  6. Lower Boom; Boom structure, welds, lift cylinders and attachment, hydraulic system, leveling cables or rods, upper or extend cylinder and attachment, pushlinks, boom rest supports, tie-down straps, lower insulator and mounting, extension roller assembly and wear pads.
  7. Elbow; Elbow structure, hydraulic hoses and leveling cables.
  8. Upper Boom (Extension); Structure, welds, leveling cables or rods, wear pads, upper insulator and mounting, hydraulic lines and components, jib structure and mounting, tool circuit hoses and fittings, pole claw arms and mounting brackets.
  9. Platform (Bucket); Mounting bracket bolts, leveling system, exterior condition, control operation and hydraulic lines and components.
  10. Digger and Auger; Digger mounting arm and housing, gearbox, auger, digger wind-up bracket or rope, auger stop bracket, lock mechanism and control operation.
  11. Winch; Mounting brackets, bolts, pins; gearbox, hydraulic components, load line, and controls.
  12. General; Load rating chart, electrical hazard placards, MADDDC placards and upper or lower control operation placards.

The visual inspection includes removal of inspection cover plates as necessary to do a thorough job.

It is essential to ensure the safety + productivity of your voltage rated Bucket Trucks + Digger Derricks by having your insulated, voltage rated vehicles + equipment dielectrically tested + inspected regularly.


Call for available schedule to perform Off-site Dielectric Field Testing and NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Training in the Houston area.