Live Line Electrical Safety Services sells a complete line of tools, rubber goods, and electrical safety products you may need or require for the safety of your employees.

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Salisbury Electrical Safety Products

Salisbury is the world leader in the manufacturing of personal protective equipment and live line tools. They offer the complete solution with insulating rubber gloves, blankets, line hose, temporary grounding equipment, voltage detectors, clamp sticks, more…


Big Bill Electrical Safety Products

Big Bill has proudly manufactured Arc Rated + Workwear garments in Canada + the United States for the last 68 years. Producing quality garments that are as rugged as you are, without sacrificing comfort.


Paulson Electrical Safety Products

Paulson Industrial Safety Products are Arc Flash, Face Shields, Firefighter Goggles, Tactical Goggles and more. Manufacturing the highest quality and most reliable safety protective gear in the industry. Protecting eyes and lives.


Novax Electrical Safety Products

Rubber insulating gloves have always been one of the most important components of PPE for electrical and industrial workers. Novax® products meet all requirements of ASTM D120, insuring compliance with OSHA regulations and satisfying NFPA 70E requirements for protection against electrical shock hazards.


Electrical Safety Products

Electrical Safety Products is a manufacturer of dielectric double insulated electrical tools and safety equipment. Producing the highest quality insulated tools at the lowest price backed by uncompromised industry leading service. Tools are precision engineered, finished, modified, double insulated and tested to exceed ASTM F1505 standards. 100% Made in the U.S.A.


Oberon Electrical Safety Products

Oberon was founded in the late 1970’s to expand our personal protection product line and began with the inception of the innovative Face-Fit® faceshield. Face shields could be made to suit the needs of specific unique hazards. Our Gold shield was inspired when NASA approached Bouton for a solution to the blinding effects of UV radiation during early space walks.


Miller Electrical Safety Products

Honeywell Miller offers innovative and high quality fall protection products and services for people working in environments where safety is the main priority.


Steel Grip Electrical Safety Products

Arc Gear by Steel Grip is a leading U.S. manufacturer of flame-resistant personal protective apparel and garments designed for electrical arc exposure.


Hastings Electrical Safety Products

Hastings Fiber Glass Products is a worldwide supplier with a 40 year reputation of quality, dependability and long-lasting product life for lineman equipment.


Hubbell Power Systems [HPS] manufactures a wide variety of transmission, distribution, substation, OEM and telecommunications products used by utilities.


Brady offers a large range of durable, easy-to-use lockout devices that cover most mechanical and electrical applications, and service needs.


#1 preferred hand tool in the electrical industry, as well as one of the leading brands used in the maintenance, construction, and industrial trades.


Greenlee is one of the most respected and trusted sources for professional grade tools when it comes to installing wire and cable.


HDE’s state of the art test, measurement and electrical safety products provide safe, accurate, and critical information about the electric power system and its equipment.


Manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial electric power tools, including hammers, hand held sanders, cordless drills and screwdrivers.


Youngstown Glove was founded in 2002 with the launch of a concise line of performance work gloves created for industrial and construction workers.

Arc rated, FR, construction, utility, safety work gloves for on-the-job needs.


Estex Manufacturing is a solutions provider in the management of tools and safety products.


Buckingham is ISO 9001 certified and is primarily responsible for the design and manufacture of climbing and work positioning equipment, fall protection gear, and accessories specifically designed for the electric, telecommunications, cable and professional arborist markets.


Fluke Corporation is the world leader in the manufacture, distribution and service of electronic test tools, biomedical equipment and networking solutions.


MSA is a global manufacturer of safety products committed to workers safety for over 100 years. Select a region to find the safety product right for you.


The premier source for Tingley® product purchases. Tingley offers a complete line of waterproof protective footwear and clothing.


As the world’s largest manufacturer of flame- resistant apparel, Bulwark offers the industry’s widest, deepest selection of fabrics, styles and colors. So regardless of their shape or size, every member of your crew is covered when it comes to what Bulwark offers.


National Safety Apparel, located in Cleveland, Ohio, has been a market leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality, USA made, protective clothing and safety apparel.


Stanco Safety Products is a Texas manufacturer that offers high quality flame-resistant apparel, protective workwear and industrial safety products. They deliver products that match both quality and budget requirements including customized garments and accessories.


The World’s Leading Manufacturer of Cable Pulling Lubes, Cleaners, Sealants, and MRO + Construction Chemicals


Rauckman Utility Products invents, develops and produces products for Electric Utility Companies to increase operator safety and system reliability.


Streamlight manufactures tactical, weapon mount + safety rated flashlights, lanterns + headlamps for firefighters, military + general applications.


Designer of workwear, lifestyle, men’s women’s, kids’, footwear and personal protective clothing.


Master Lock is recognized around the world as the authentic, enduring name in locks, combination padlocks and security products.


Bierer + Associates, Inc. is the world leader in offering the most extensive and comprehensive line of Voltage Detectors, Voltmeters, Phasing Voltmeters, Phasing Testers and Grounds Tester available in the industry to protect electrical workers from the hazards of their job.



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Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm
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